All Commissions are welcome.
Prices vary depending on size and medium.
Please contact for prices.
Portraits of your pet in pastel, oil or watercolour created from your photographs.
I work in a variety of mediums, most of my works are pet portraits, commissioned from photographs, by people who love their animals and want a cherished reminder of their companion. I also paint people.
Good quality photographs are all that is required.
All I need is at least one photograph, in focus, of the animal you want me to paint. The clearer the photograph the more detail I will be able to see and therefore the more detail I will be able to include in the painting.

2. The eyes of an animal are where their character lies so try not to use flash when taking the photographs, this will give them 'red eye' or shine and although I can paint this out I will be guessing at your dog's/cat's eyecolour.

Try if possible to get eye level, when taking your photographs.

Always try to take the photographs outside in natural light, this way you will be sure to get the correct coat colour, don't forget I don't know your pet and will paint the colours I see.